I purchased the Air Climber because the advertisement lead me to believe that it was easy and not hard on your joints because of the "Step On Air" concept. This was not so, I experienced a bit of pain in my knees.

When I called to return it the operator was rude, saying I should have consulted my Dr. first and that the commercial does not state that. She was also snippy when I discovered that out of a payment of $49.49 I will only be receiving $24.54 back, stating that "If I had paid attention to the commercial I would have noticed that Postage and Handling were not included in the return", it was up to me to get it back to you. She became nasty and hanging up on me!

I called back and asked for the supervisor, the 2ND operator wanted to know why and would not let me speak to her until I told her why. As I began to talk to the Supervisor she cut me off before I even explained what had happened and told me not to interrupt HER from speaking and she began to attack, by saying she listened to the call and that vulgar language was used and when I tried to interrupt her in my defense that I did not use vulgar language and ask her if she was sure she heard the correct call she began to yell at me. I had really had it with your company at this point so I yelled right back at her stating that she was just as rude as the operator and she hung up!!! This terrible experience with your company and your tactless and rude employees is a Disgrace, I Will Not Ever Purchase a Product Made By Or Carried by Your Company After this ugly Encounter.

I Will Make Sure Not to allow anyone I know Buy Your Products as well! This is Very Poor Customer Relations and a Great Way to do Business!

Really a wonderful way to conduct Business and make your customers want to came back and buy more stuff from you!!?????? No Way Not Ever Again I Was Treated Like SH ..!

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Well i didn't buy it but it was given to me by my sister and i must say it workout wonderful for me. I am a memeber of a great gym but my job can be demanding so i don't get to go as offen as i like to but this workouts beautiful in front of my tv after work so kudos to AIR CLIMBER :) And for all u cry babies well your not force to buy anything but then again thats what u all get for shopping online and its what i always tell my sister too!!

it was given to me so in the mean time i'm enjoying it! 8)


:sigh , I have tried EVERYTHING to lose weight, so when I saw the infomercial on tv I decided maybe this will be my weight loss blessing. I ordered last night and am praying for the best. :?


you guys are all retarded why buy this *** go to a gym and diet right you guys are just fat and lazy that you wont leave your house of course it doesn't work its from tv its your fault that you bought it and i hope they dont give you your money back stop eating 5000 calories a day and you wont be fat


:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


good for all of you that choose no to buy this cheap plastic scam


The Air Climber is awesome! If your knees hurt it is because it is you!

I have back problems and joint problems and it has been amazing working out with it. Does not hurt joints like the treadmill at all!

Stop having excuses for not exercising!


If this is anything as good as the Stair Climber Plus the early version of this Air Climber, i can say you won't be disappointed. I purchased my Stair Climber Plus in June 1992 and it has worked fine all these years.

I HAVE NOT had any problems with the air leaking, loosing tension, etc.

the only thing wrong with mine is about 2 years ago my kids were messing with it and broke the knob off but otherwise it still works fine and looks new. I hope you all enjoy your Air climber.


To everyone who ordered one and haven't received it yet: cancel your order. Due to overwhelming demand, everything is on back order for 2-6 weeks.

At least that's what the customer service guy told me. I found the air climber at Modell's for $99.99.

It comes with the body cord, the timer, the jump start guide, the 10-day meal plan, and four workouts on one dvd. i bought it today and i'm pretty happy with it so far.


You are to crazy! its great i bought mine and it did nothing but Help! so get a life with your negative thoughts!


I ordered one a month ago, still have not received it. Today, I spent an hour calling all numbers listed to contact them, not able to get anyone. SURPRISE!!

I just may get this investigated by the authorities.


thx for ur reviews i was just about to buy it, ill keep going to the gym its better more options n cheeper n its not a ripoff :)


I am so SICK of people and their negative comments, it simply didn't work for your knees is because this is a tense workout! The knee is something that is going to take a lot of pressure during the workout.

I LOST 50 LBS. and I'm GLAD I ignored the " scam" comments. Eat healthy do YOUR part and do the workout as directed on the dvd. It makes you sweat.

the more you do the more you lose. You are complaining about the csr agents.. they DO NOT belong to Air Climber.. They are outsourced to take orders and customer inquiries.


they don't give a *** who you are or anything about the product. You need to go to school.


I've had the air climber for a year now. I haven't had any issues with it at all.

There is an adjustable button for the type of work out you want (to make it easy or intense). It also gives you directions for using the product for the first time so you want damage it.

I love my air climber. The only thing I didn't like is all the advertisement at the end just before you complete your order.


REallyu glad I kept on reading reviews, wa sjust about to order......................thanks. I will continue to use my treadmill. I was just looking for something else to mix it up a little.


Thanks for the warning. I will not be ordering this product.


Whoah! I was just about to order one too.

Thanks for the input. I really hesitate before buying ANYTHING I see on TV. The major complants I see normally happen when you try to return the product. I saw another review that said the bellows completely lost air & they refused to honor the return.

I am keeping my money. Good Luck


Shoot! I ordered one!! not shipped yet..


Thank you for letting me know about your experience. I had my credit card in my hand ready to purchase the Air Climber when I saw this aritcle.

Thank you for saving me alot of money! :)

I'll just keep walking the dogs LOL!

Ms. Soto

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